Employee Training

The service economy is driven by the communication skills of its workers. How can an employee be expected to translate a manual of procedures into customer satisfaction? By engaging in goal-oriented dialogs with a virtual customer in the context of realistic business cases, a new employee acquires first-hand customer service experience with the benefit of a virtual coach providing expert feedback. Our role plays are a recognized technique for training sales and customer service personnel. Whether in a real estate agent's sale, a purchasing manager's negotiations, or a pharmacist's consultation, our role plays can hone the skills for success: knowing what to say, how to say it and when to listen.

The Advantages of Virtual Role Play

The best learning strategy is to confront real world business situations. Our role play games allow employees to learn at their own pace using a personalized course. The software evaluates the employee's progress objectively and gives advice that is adapted to the strengths and weaknesses of each participant. Flexible, self-paced training means better material retention and ultimately better customer service.

Roleplay Technologies' simulations make your training material come alive. Your employees work on practical cases that are modeled on situations they encounter with your clients. In this way, your employees learn better work strategies that measurably improve results: better customer service, higher-performing representatives, loyal clients.

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