About our Company

Roleplay Technologies is a world leader in developing virtual role play games. We create interactive simulations of how people communicate with one another. Our software simulates realistic, varied conversations based on a unique technology equally useful for educational or entertainment purposes. By engaging in a meaningful dialog with a virtual character, the player learns communication skills in the same way as they are used in real life. Our proven technique of animating social interaction expands the possibilities of computer gaming and training by appealing to a broader audience. We can offer a full range of consulting services and customized products, including the development of dialogs, their simulators and their constructors.

What is virtual role play?

It's an exceptional training tool. Our multimedia dialog simulation technology makes possible a realistic, coherent virtual conversation. Each role play game has a specific objective that the player seeks to achieve. We construct custom scenarios that apply the expertise of your training team and your best representatives.

Virtual role play also offers a dramatic advantage for the computer games. Our technology makes interactive social drama possible. By transcending the narrow genres of existing computer games, it is a unique opportunity to reach out to a wider audience that demands a compelling story to drive the action. Our role plays present stories rich enough in possibilities to have the depth to immerse the player in a fictional world, engaging her social, emotional and ethical faculties.

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