Dialog Simulation Systems

Through well over ten years of research and development, Roleplay Technologies has invented a reusable computational model of the vast space of possible conversations that may arise in an interactive dialog. Reducing the author's burden while preserving the player's freedom, its design systematically minimizes the number of scenes that need to be written and verified in order to ensure that the player is presented with a variety of appropriate responses at every turn.

Our innovative dialog writing system compels the author to guarantee that every scene presented to the player will make sense in the context of those that could have come before it. The dialog writing system analyzes which parts of the dialog have been written so far and how they are interconnected, in order to provide continuous context-sensitive guidance throughout the process of constructing the dialog. For instance, each time a change is made, the guide identifies the parts of the dialog that could be logically affected by it. Likewise, each time a new dialog element is added, the guide identifies the parts of the dialog that may need to be connected to it. The system offers an intelligent, visual interface especially designed for editing dialogs. Our approach leaves the playwright to do what he does best. Imagination is what brings a character to life. We simply channel it.

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